Dear Hillary Clinton

Posted: February 9, 2010 in hillary, politics

A letter I sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Dear Madame Secretary

It’s been awhile since I’ve emailed any official, as I have grown intolerant of their refusal to listen. With the state of the economy in shambles, I started to wonder what condition this great country would be in currently had you been named the next President of the United States. I find myself looking on youtube at the Democratic debates and thinking to myself, “This candidate was the right choice for this country.”

To have received more votes than any other previous Democratic candidate in history, and yet still be denied the nomination, is not right. I believe that you were not only treated unfairly by the media, but by your own party, as they urged you to drop out of the race after the voters in Iowa had their say. I must admit that you are a real inspiration, and I commend you for working tirelessly for Americans and their wellbeing. You had better plans for this country, and you had a record with working with Republicans to get things done. Surely, you have to be wondering what condition this country would be in had an experienced person won the presidency.

I will be frank. I don’t like the way things have been going as of late. The President promised transparency, yet there are constant closed door meetings. He promised to end the war in Iraq, yet we still have committed Americans fighting for our freedom. He wishes to grant Constitutional rights to terrorists who are determined to destroy this country. During a time of war, these rights should not be granted to those who wish to do us harm. I know you would be a better President, and that is why I’m urging you to run in 2012.

I understand that you love your party, and will do anything for democrats, but what’s more important is your dedication to the American people. I honestly believe that the only reason Pelosi and Reid supported Obama, was to ensure that they would have more say on what happens in this country than the President. They understood that they wouldn’t be able to boss around a Clinton, and for some reason, they refused to look to experience, but rather looked at vulnerability. I commend you for the job that you have done as Secretary of State. You are doing a wonderful job, and if you decided to run in 2012, your record will be complete. You spoke of the dangers of hiring a candidate that didn’t have experience, and surely Americans are witnessing the mistake they made voting for him.

With the debt continuing to rise, and more Americans losing their jobs, Americans are asking themselves many interesting questions. What happened to hope and change? Wasn’t it supposed to be different? It seemed as though the past election came down to idealists and realists. Idealists wanted things to change greatly, that in desperation they believed the first charismatic person to tell them it would happen. If the economy doesn’t get any better in a couple of years, I know that Obama will be a one term President. Will you run against him? I surely hope you do, because if America has learned anything in a year, it’s that rhetoric can’t change anything, actions speak louder than words.

I will continue to support you if you decide to run again in 2012, but please realize that the Democratic and Republican Party are both to blame. We are suffering because of an inexperienced man that continues to apologize for America, when he should be making sure that this country is kept safe. This country means too much to Americans to watch it get any worse. I encourage you to run for the sake of this country, and that will be the change we can truly believe in.

Thank you.


Hillary Clinton was almost assassinated while visiting Nairobi last month.  Somalian terrorists with al-Qaeda connections attempted to blow up the hotel the Secretary of State was staying in, but the plan was foiled by Kenyan officials just in time.  Where was the media coverage on this?  ABC, NBC, CNN, and CBS failed to report on this attempt, but shouldn’t it be world news?  The woman almost became the first woman president of the United States, and there are some in other countries, those that women are treated as subservient, that could not stand a woman being the most powerful person in the world.

I admit that I am not shocked that this didn’t make the news in the United States, yet the media makes a big deal about the name of Obama’s dog.  It’s ridiculous.  Hillary has done a lot for her country, and she remains to have the highest approval rating in the Obama Administration.  She is the lone adult after all.  Nearly 18 million heartbeats would have skipped knowing that this attempt almost worked.  I know mine did.

Attorney General Eric Holder is launching a probe into the alleged treatment of prisoners during the Bush Administration.  I believe that America should never torture, this country is better than that, and I feel that there are other ways of acquiring the truth.  With that out of the way, I feel the CIA should not be investigated just for the mere concern that it allows the enemy to ready themselves against certain techniques that can acquire the truth.  I’m sure these alleged prisoners would do much more harm if they had captured an American, and some will not stop until the recreate the chaos that transpired on 9/11.

Waterboarding has been spotlighted recently, and I still consider that torture.  Nancy Pelosi says that she had no idea what these people were being subjected to, but I feel she will do and say anything to save her behind.  As the third person in line to the presidency, she was surely briefed.  I feel that this is nothing but a ploy by the Obama Administration to deflect tensions away from their health care debacle.  “Blame Bush,” that’s all they’ve been able to do.

It’s a very complex situation.  If these alleged prisoners know information that can save the lives of thousands of Americans, how should that information be extracted from them?  In my opinion, they should try truth serum, although I don’t know if that would really work.  I believe that these investigations will only allow these terrorists to become immune to these techniques, making it harder for the CIA to obtain information.  It’s a very touchy subject, but if it saves American lives, I would have to agree with it.

The Cybersecurity Act of 2009 introduced by Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.V, would allow the president to temporarily shut down the internet in the event of a ‘cyber emergency.’  A cyber emergency can mean any number of things, including but not limited to, a tyrant government trying to gain important information about United States defense techniques, to a website that the president deems unfit for Americans to read, as in a site that undermines his socialist principles.  As usual, the bill is vague, opening up questions as to not only the legality of such a move, but also the required steps needed to ensure the internet is shut down.

This is very concerning.  Democrats are already discussing another Fairness Doctrine that would all but ensure that no conservative critique the messiah and his socialist agenda for America.  The news networks ABC and NBC refuse to air an anti-health care plan; it’s already begun.

I as an American am concerned that our civil liberties are being stripped away in front of our eyes.  This is eerily reminiscent of other governments, China and North Korea for example, of an attempt to curve public opinion.  The Obama Administration and the democratic majority understand that support for their health care bill is dwindling, and I feel they will do anything and everything to get this bill through both chambers.  They have gone as far as asking democrats to unite in the late Ted Kennedy’s memory to ensure that this legislation is passed.  Again, they will do anything and everything.

Is America next?

I never thought the internet in this country would be subject to such a change, but then again, I never expected the President of the United States to acquire this much power either.  The appointed czars have no congressional oversight, and who knows how much of hard earned tax payer money is being used to help pay these people, and furthermore, what underhanded things they are doing behind closed doors.  President Bush expanded the power of the executive branch more than any previous president in history, and Obama it seems, is taking another page from Bush.  This man is more arrogant and much more intelligent that President George W. Bush, and unlike Bush, he knows the Constitution like the back of his hand.

Elected officials admonish that such legislation is necessary to ready the United States for the countless cyber attacks that could possibly affect everything from water and electricity to banking, traffic lights and electronic health records.  The White House, under any administration, have always evoked fear in order to accomplish their goals, and this instance is no different.  The internet allows Americans a venue where opinions are vast, and some that criticize president will more than likely be taken off the internet.  I am ashamed of the actions taken by our elected officials to shut us up, but what they cannot do, is ensure that they will hold office come midterm elections.

It is up to Americans to ensure that this legislation is not passed.  Surely, with the technology and expertise of the C.I.A and F.B.I such attempts from rogue countries to infiltrate our systems is scarce.  We are the strongest country in the world, and such an excuse will not work.  George Orwell said it best when he warned in 1984 that “if you want a picture of the future imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever.”  So it begins…

I just found this video at depicting a marine asking his congressman a question.  He questioned the motives of the elected officials, and gave his representative a history lesson in the process.  Nancy Pelosi has been very vocal recently about the town hall meetings, of which she has yet to hold, and has declared that those people that are against the health care proposal are un-Americans and Nazis.  As far as I understood, under Hilter or Obama in this case, the government ran many programs, including the car industry and health care industry.  The Marines response?  “If Nancy Pelosi wants to find a swastika, maybe the first place she should look is the sleeve of her own arm!”  Great video.

I guess the President really doesn’t know how to get to work.  Rumors are speculating that the Secret Service is scoping out a place where Obama and Tiger Woods can play a round of golf.  Will this man get to work already?  If he’s not filling out ESPN brackets, he’s making appearances on late night television.  I wonder what he’s really trying to accomplish here.  He should be sitting behind his desk reading line by line of the legislation that elected officials don’t accomplish to read.  The majority of Americans chose him, and now he’s having a ball doing whatever the heck he wants.

Sure, elected officials swiftly acknowledge that certain bills “aren’t perfect,” but when they only add to the deficit, shouldn’t they be near damn perfect?  Pelosi, Reid, and other elected officals are now opting out of town hall meetings, instead holding conferences over the internet.  Once again they showcase their coward behavior.  They don’t want to answer to Americans, because simply, they can’t take the heat.  If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen, right?

With the deficit now close to 10 trillion, these elected officials, mostly democrats, better start worrying about the mid-term elections coming up.  They know they are in jeopardy, that’s why they refuse to answer to their constituents.  That, coupled with the lack of concern from Obama, opting instead to play a round of golf rather than getting to work, makes for huge mistakes.  Must be nice to play a round of golf while concurrently digging this country deeper into the ground.  GET TO WORK!

It seems as though Sarah Palin is truly becoming a thorn on democrats’ sides.  From her recent remarks on the “death panels” that are now excluded in the healthcare bill, and now she is going after Obama regarding a foreign oil deal.  I was once one of those people that gave in to all that “the world is heating up” crap, and was a opponent of drilling on United States soil.  Now, with gas prices rising, why not just drill what our country has to offer? 

For decades we’ve had to listen to politicians and tree huggers and their disdain for “hurting”the environment, but scientific evidence has shown that the earth is actually cooling.  Al Gore continues to be a strong proponent of changing the ways Americans live, either through stricter environmental laws, or advocating green vehicles, but he is the biggest hypocrite of all as he continues to go around on his huge yacht.  Politicians are all the same.

Obama is now going to send more than two billion of tax payers’ hard earned money to Brazil.  I have to say that I am not surprised with Obama’s decision to do this.  It’s not like he’s spent the money wisely or anything.  Again, horse condoms?!  I have to give Sarah Palin some credit here.  A lot of people wrote her off after she left the governorship, but I knew that she would come back in force; I just didn’t think it to be this soon.  Keep goin’ Sarah, I love ya!